Oswego Canal Lock & Transit Table

There are a total of 7 locks over the length of the Oswego Canal. All locks are single locks with the lock chambers measuring 328 feet long and 45 feet wide. When northbound, these locks will lower you almost 119’ from the level of the Erie Canal at Three Rivers Junction to the level of Lake Ontario at Oswego, NY.

The highest single lift is located at Lock #O3 in Fulton, NY with a lift of 27.0 feet. The smallest single lift is found at Lock #O1 in Phoenix, NY with a total lift of only 10.2 feet.

Communicating with the locks is done on VHF Channel 13. While we have listed the phone numbers for each lock, the cell phone should not be considered a primary means of communication.

Lock Chamber Waypoint's

Oswego Canal Lock Chamber Waypoint's

Center of Lock Chamber
Lock # Location Latitude Longitude
Three Rivers Jct. Belgium, NY 43° 12.061’ N 76° 18.085’ W
O1 Phoenix, NY 43° 13.762’ N 76° 16.797’ W
O2 Fulton, NY 43° 19.006’ N 76° 24.884’ W
O3 Fulton, NY 43° 19.454’ N 76° 25.120’ W
O5 Minetto, NY 43° 24.034’ N 76° 28.398’ W
O6 Oswego, NY 43° 26.683’ N 76° 29.698’ W
O7 Oswego, NY 43° 27.059’ N 76° 30.282’ W
O8 Oswego, NY 43° 27.396’ N 76° 30.529’ W

The Oswego Canal Lock Chamber Waypoint’s are available for download. The file is Zipped Adobe (.pdf) format.

Lock & Transit Table

The table below lists the locks on the canal from O1, about 2 miles north of Three Rivers Junction, to lock O8 at Oswego, NY. It also provides the lifts for each lock, the distance to the next lock, and the estimated time enroute between locks including lockage time.

Oswego Canal Lock and Transit Table

**Transit Time @ 10 Knots (Includes Lock Time)
No Lock "O4" on the Oswego Canal.
Lock #   Next Lock
Location Lift Lockmaster Distance **Transit Time
Erie Canal Three Rivers Jct. --- --- O1 - 2.29 SM/2.0 NM 00:14
O1 Phoenix, NY 10.2’Down Arrow 315-695-2281 O2 - 9.50 SM/8.3 NM 01:27
O2 Fulton, NY 17.8’Down Arrow 315-592-4155 O3 - 0.55 SM/0.5 NM 00:33
O3 Fulton, NY 27.0’Down Arrow 315-592-5349 O5 - 6.45 SM/5.6 NM 01:09
O5 Minetto, NY 18.0’Down Arrow 315-343-5232 O6 - 3.30 SM/2.90 NM 00:50
O6 Oswego, NY 20.0’Down Arrow 315-343-9001 O7 - 0.36 SM/0.30 NM 00:32
O7 Oswego, NY 14.5’Down Arrow 315-343-6304 O8 - 0.54 SM/0.50 NM 00:33
O8 Oswego, NY 11.1’Down Arrow 315-343-0280 Ontario - 1.2 SM/1.0 NM 00:26

This table can be downloaded for your personal and private use. The file is Zipped Adobe (.pdf) format. The Champlain Canal Locks file contains the tables in SM’s, NM’s and KM’s.

Oswego Canal Transit & Lock Schedule - Download

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